We ARE the Only Authorized S & S
             Engine Warranty & Engine Re-Manufacturing Center
                        In the state of Colorado and Tri-State
                    Also we are the only Authorized S & S PRO
               Tuning Center For Fuel Injection and Carburetor   
                                in the state of Colorado  with: 

                      DYNO-JET 250I With Eddy Current Braking
                                   (by appointment please)
                       " IF S & S LOVES US WHY SHOULDN'T YOU "                

                      Welcome to Lockwood Engineering!
             We Are Developer's of "Master Lobe Technology"
 Makers of Black Widow Cams TM.and legendary Harman & Collins & Sifton Racing Cams TM.

 Former M.M.I. Engine and Rebuild & Performance Instructor

All you ever thought about DRAG PIPES
When you add more inch and increase power by 50% the exhaust
gases build up pressure in the pipe as RPM increases and affects the overlap process as well as the O2 sensor that sees the gases as being rich so it wants to lean the engine out but keeps leaning out the engine thru the mid range and the engine will not preform like it should. So it becomes un tuneable. Also most dual drag pipes that are located on the left end right side of the bike are two different lengths which make a unbalance exhaust system- and then you add baffles ( like putting in a cork ) and that create more back up in the pipe-the gases just cannot get thru the system - so stay away at all cost from Drag style pipes when increasing power with cam, compression and more cubic inch's -
Buy a reliable two into one exhaust system and you will be happy.

           COPY this link too see what S&S says about Drag Pipes!!


   You may have heard that Harley-Davidson® no longer offers the factory re-manufacturing program for 1984-later big twins, but not to worry!We have been offering a similar service for years. We still do, and our program offers a lot of extras the factory didn’t.

                      Lockwood Engineering Rebuild Program
                               has great Features such as:
                                Premium Bronze valve guides
                                 Manley performance valves
                               performance 3 angle valve job
                                           Heads are CC
                                        Keith Black Pistons
                                   Cylinders bored oversize
                     Premium lower end parts and spin balanced!!

        You get the same engine back – keep your original VIN
        Fast turn-around with a secured Deposit-With appointment
        Engines are rebuilt with Premium Engine service parts
          Rebuild to stock specs or if you so desire STROKE it!                                Allow Five extra working days and receive
                 our 30 day labor and 1 year parts warranty


                                 ALSO  Installers of:
                   TTS Master Tune For Harley Davidson
                         THOMPSON SUPERCHARGERS



                     Two Stroke Cylinder re Sleeve  work

             Triumph & BSA Cylinder boring and head repair-
                      Lower end balancing-including New
                           H & C Camshafts coming soon !! 

          Flywheel re building for most 2 stroke and 4 stroke
                         Professional cylinder work
                   2 and 4 stroke cylinder head milling
             Water craft cylinder boring and honing to +-.0001"

  All cylinders Hone with Sunnen method and oil filtration to
       5 microns for perfect cylinder wall finish every-time!
                               True plateau finishes
                 "NO STINKING BALL HONE's USED HERE"
   Harley Davidson engine and all S & S Engine RE Manufacturing
          Former Indian, Big Dog, American Iron Horse, Titian
                  Warranty Center For all Engine Repairs
                         Tune and carburetor specialist
Thanks to Harvey Crane Jr. for his input to the industry on       camshaft design and new techniques to designing cam lobe shapes.
     I Personally studied under Harvey James Crane for 16 years!!   
                       August 17th 1931-May 31st 2013
                   Sadly missed but Gladly Remembered !
                Also my First Camshaft mentor Dema Elgin
  who took me under his wing and taught me valuable lessons on    
                               Life and Camshaft design  
           in the early 80's while being employed as his first
                                #2 cam machine operator

                          "Powered with Black Widow Cams"
                    Steve Thomson @ Thomson Superchargers                                                      Depends on the info and
        technical support that Lockwood  Engineering supplies to
                   him whether in theory or general practice -
                            Harman & Collins Racing Cams
                             For Vintage Automotive & MC
              The Late Kenny Harman & Clifford " Cliff" Collins
         over 1000 vintage profiles Both stock and performance
                             From Flat Head Fords....To........
          Clifford Collins a Graduate Engineer made racing cams for
           Mickey Thompson-Bud Hare - Johnson Motors JOMO cams
           Art Sparks racing Triumphs & BSA's - A.J. Lewis's Triumph
                  Assets of H & C and intellectual property.
         Harley-Davidson TM Screaming-Eagle TM replacement cams Like
                   or similar too  H.D.S.E.  in Gear Drive
         (imagine your performance emission cam in gear drive)

   Camshaft design and Re-design using Master Lobe Technology TM.
                                   For private label customers who want the cam they can sell under their name

               C.N.C. cc'd Ports for Twin Cam cylinder heads with
           Bronze Valve guides- With Manley Performance TM.  
        " bead-lock" 1.900 & 1.625  Valves 88 to 103 CID
           2.000" intakes and larger for Large Bore Engines

       Also: Exclusive Signature Series Cams From Dema Elgin                           For SCCA - NHRA - NASCAR - Bonneville

                        Our new site is under construction
                2015 NHRA Lucas Oil Screamin'Eagle schedule

           Harley-Davidson Master Engine Technician @ work
             Dyno-Jet 200-I  and Super Flow 901 on location
S&S Sidewinder - EFI Protune & Engine warranty                  Center for all S&S Engines

We have been building big inch engines for 38+ years in our full line machine shop. Other services available are not limited to just head work on Harley-Davidsons, We also do Porsche, BMW
We also do over bores &  re-sleeve 2 and 4 stroke engines.
               Sleeper Cylinders that keep your original
                     appearance for 1984-up Harleys.
Larger bore sizes for more HP & Tq like 4.125 in your original Harley Twin Cam cyl. that is 107 with 4" stroke! Or 3.625 bore out of your stock evo cylinders. Crankcase boring required for these Cylinders Evo or Twin Cam.
Black Widow Cams
3736 Norwood Drive
Littleton, CO  80125
303-814-1709 phone and fax

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