Welcome to Lockwood Engineering!
                    Developer's of "Master Lobe Technolog
 Makers of Black Widow Cams TM.and leagendary Sifton Racing Cams TM. for Harley Davidson TM

Thanks to Harvey Crane Jr. for his input to the industry on       camshaft design and new techniqes to designing cam lobe shapes.
                       August 17th 1931-May 31st 2013
                   Sadly missed but Gladly Remembered !

                      "Powered with Black Widow Cams"
              Our Harley Twin Cam Blower

                          Steve Thomson Depends on the info and
        technical support that Lockwood  Engineering supplies to
                   him whether in theory or general practice -
                    for over two years now working working
      with Thomson with new camshafts designs and cylinder head
           modifications for the use of supper-charger. We have
        created together something that will rip your face off.
   Three of these engines will be at Loconia so keep an eye out.

             NOTE: All performance Camshafts  listed on this Web Site are for off road use only

               Harman & Collins For Vintage Automotive & MC
              The Late Kenny Harman & Clifford " Cliff" Collins
         over 1000 vintage profiles Both stock and performance
                             From Flat Head Fords....To........
          Clifford Collins a Graduate Engineer made racing cams for
           Mickey Thompson-Bud Hare - Johnson Motors JOMO cams
           Art Sparks racing Triumphs & BSA's - A.J. Lewis's Triumph
            Like Ed Winfiel Another great Cam manipulator  Cliff
         Manipulated Roller and Flat Tappet Cam designs for
                          People like  Clay  Smith -Jack Engle
                                 as well for Keith Black and
              Chet Herbert in the days  and was even employed
                  by Crane Cams........and was "fired for lying"
        To the owner Harvey J. Crane Jr. the larger share holder
     Of Crane Cams at that time- Crane had also purchased all of the Harman & Collins Cam Company and later sold those Assets To
       Mr. Dimitri "Dema" Elgin  Of Elgin Cams Redwood City Ca.
                                   Later to be Re-named
   D. Elgin Racing Cams to avoid the confusion of Elgin Industries.
              These assets were later sold to Dema's former
  employee Craig and his Wife hence forth Lockwood EngineeringTM.


         Harley-Davidson TM Screamin-Eagle TM replacement cams Like
                   or similiar too  H.D.S.E.  in Gear Drive
    but with more Area under the lift curve for more power!

   Camshaft design and Re-design using Master Lobe Technology TM.

               C.N.C. Ported Twin Cam cylinder heads with
           Bronze Valve guides- With Manley Performance TM.  
                      " bead-lock" 1.900 & 1.625  Valves
                         Manley Bee-Hive Valve Springs.

       Also: Exclusive Signature Series Cams From Dema Elgin                           For SCCA - NHRA - Nascar - Bonneville

                        Our new site is under construction
                2013 NHRA Lucas Oil Screamin'Eagle schedule

           Harley-Davidson Master Engine Technician @ work
             Dyno-Jet 200  and Super Flow 901 on location
S&S Sidewinder - EFI Protune & Engine warranty                  Center for all S&S Engines

We have been building big inch engines for 38+ years in our full line machine shop. Other services available are not limited to just head work on Harley-Davidsons, We also do Porsche, BMW
We also do over bores &  re-sleeve 2 and 4 stroke engines.
Sleeper Cylinders that keep your original appearance for 1984-up Harleys.
Larger bore sizes for more HP & Tq like 4.125 in your original Harley Twin Cam cyl. that is 107 with 4" stroke! Or 3.625 bore out of your stock evo cylinders. Crankcase boring required for these Cylinders Evo or Twin Cam.
Black Widow Cams
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